Neutrals Loop Mobile

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Redhead & Blue felt ball mobiles are a sweet finishing touch to a child's room or baby’s nursery. Colors are almond, white, cream, and sienna. Colors can not be customized. 

These hand felted balls are strung from an 8 inch bamboo hoop securely. Mobiles are made to hang from a ceiling hook, which is an add on to this listing for your convenience. 

Length of whole mobile: 29 inches
Length from hoop to bottom: 16 inches
4 looping strands with varying felt balls per strand

1) Mobiles are NOT to be hung from the side of the crib, that is why I offer a ceiling hook within the listing. Use of mobiles even from the ceiling should not exceed 5 months or when a baby can pull themselves up.
2) TAKE CARE when removing the mobile from its packaging. BY NATURE they are easy to tangle. They are packaged in the best way possible for their travels, but hastily taking them from the packaging may result in a tangle. When opening, unroll paper while keeping contents snug inside. Locate the top knot that is taped to the cardboard and take directly to the prepared ceiling hook. THEN pull on felt balls until you've placed them where you want them. Refunds and returns will not be granted when customers do not carefully remove the mobile.