Felt Ball String Cat Toy

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Felt ball cat toys to play with your kitties! Felt balls are 2cm and 1.5cm, alternating along the string. Felt balls are knot tied between each one so kitty doesn't displace them as they leap, bat, and bite the balls while you dangle it before them with the convenient dowel handle. Dye is organic Dharma Dyes and safe for cats. Comes in a rainbow pattern but if you would like another design, just email me at redheadnblue@gmail.com. Colors may vary slightly based on availability.

Comes in two lengths, seen in the photos. 18 or 30 inches of felt ball string. Can be scented for free with catnip oil spray.

Want handle on the toy? The shop has a handle "fishing pole" type toy too, as well as catnip oil and other cat toys.

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